Why you need to attend #TSS17 on February 23rd? /

  • You want to learn about the convergence between marketing and sales
  • You are eager to sell more
  • You want to know what type of sales professional you are
  • You are ready to upgrade your sales skills
  • You want to be on the social platforms your clients or prospects are
  • You want to discover all about the new way of selling…
  • And you would like to receive the book “The Dualarity” by Olivier Van Duüren

National and international speakers will provide you with keynote sessions, cases and 3 in-depth tracks:

  • sales management
  • lead generation and digital sales
  • sales hacking and tools

Meet the confirmed speakers / Feb. 23rd, hotelbloom! Brussels

Michael Humblet

Founder @ Chaomatic

Kurt Ghijsbrecht

Commercial Director @ ARTOOS|HAYEZ

Olivier Van Duüren

Founder @ The Dualarity

Katrien De Schrijver

TaPas Coach @ TaPasCity

Vince Nys

Managing Director @ NewFusion

Yannick Khayati

Growth Expert & Managing Partner @ Trigger

Hans Similon

Head of Digital Northern Europe @ Adecco Group

Friedrich Pétré

CEO @ HowAboutSales

Véronique De Prycker

Founder @ The House of Leadership

Annick Bogaerts

Managing director @ AB Fineq

Jeroen Corthout

Co-Founder @ Salesflare

Sanjoy Bhose

Director of global sales - Immunio

Mic Adam

Founder - Vanguard Leadership

The program will be online soon! / #TSS17 will start at 10h30 and will end at 18h. on Thursday February 23rd.

If you missed the last year’s edition:

Get your ticket for #TSS17 / Join 250 other sales professionals on February 23rd in Brussels

The Sales Summit 2017 is powered by the Sales Management Association Belgium: /


About us / Questions? Becoming a #TSS17 partner? Contact us directly

The Sales Summit is an organization of the Sales Management Association Belgium, together with Rien van den Bosch and Rik Lagey. Rien and Rik work for the company Thoas Projects and are also the guys behind other events like the Social Media Day and the eTrade Summit.  Both have more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. If you have some questions or if you want to become a partner, you can contact us directly: Rien van den Bosch +32 477 200 839 rien@thoas.be / Rik Lagey +32 476 227 600 rik@thoas.be